Identity Theft Insurance

Nobody thinks they will ever be a victim of identity theft. But, unfortunately, in today’s world it is not an uncommon occurrence. Everyday fraudsters and con artists use the personal and financial information of millions of people to open accounts, make purchases, and steal money. Identity theft insurance is designed to cover some of the costs associated with identity theft, including personal financial losses. Let Bittle Armstrong help protect you against potential major financial harm caused by identity theft.

Why Do I Need Identity Theft Insurance?

Once it is stolen, reclaiming your identity can be slow and costly. In certain circumstances, you may be personally liable for the costs of fraudulent transactions. That’s where identity theft insurance can help. It is an affordable way to protect yourself and your family.


Protect yourself and family from financial devastation


Covers some of the financial costs when identity fraud occurs


Protect your credit score from unnecessary risk


Peace of mind

Our Job

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