Cyber Security Insurance

More and more businesses keep their vital business data online. Unfortunately, all this data is irresistible to modern hackers. If your business maintains customer databases, purchase histories, and credit card information, your standard business general liability policy may not cover liabilities related to a failure in cyber security.

Cyber insurance provides protection against damages resulting from electronic threats to your computer systems or data. A hacked server can result in stolen information and expensive liability and recovery costs.

As more small businesses choose to use and store digital data, the need for this coverage has expanded to more than just the healthcare and banking industries. A few of the many businesses that should consider a cyber policy include: Retailers, Restaurants, Marketing companies, Realtors, and Financial firms. Indeed, any business that stores or processes sensitive information like names, addresses, Social Security numbers, medical records or credit card information needs cyber insurance.

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Why Do I Need Cyber Security Insurance?

Cyber insurance is important to the financial well-being and future of your small business. A single claim can be costly and difficult to overcome on your own. Cyber security insurance helps reduce the potentially devastating effects of a claim. Some policies cover costs related to IT forensics investigation, data restoration, legal liability and customer notification. If a failure in cyber security exposes your confidential business data or that of your customers, your business’ general liability policy probably won’t cover liabilities related to hacks and other cyber-attacks.


Protect your business from potentially devastating legal costs


Protect yourself from potential income loss


Peace of mind

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