Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance policies can be complex. Most business owners need an experienced and knowledgeable insurance agent to evaluate their business’ unique insurance needs. When it comes to Business Property Insurance, Northwest Arkansas businesses cannot afford to go a single day without adequate coverage of their commercial buildings and spaces. From theft, arson and natural disasters to devastating, unforeseen events, businesses with commercial property are perpetually in danger of property damages, losses and potential lawsuits.

The dedicated, independent agents of Armstrong-Hailey are Northwest Arkansas’ premier insurance experts in helping business owners protect their assets. We can provide your business with a customized “needs assessment” to insure you specific needs are adequately covered. With this knowledge in hand, we will work hard to provide your business with multiple business coverage options to provide property insurance solutions for your specific business needs.

Additional Business Coverage

Most businesses these days do at least some of their business online. Whether your business is e-commerce or traditional, you likely store sensitive customer data in internet-connected databases.  And with the rise in internet-based business models came a simultaneous rise in hacking. We now offer cutting edge business insurance policies for cyber security and data breach protection. If your business uses the internet to store or transfer information, please contact Armstrong-Hailey today for a free consultation.

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Why Do I Need Business Property Insurance?

Protecting your business property is the simply and smart way to protect your business’ investment as well as protect your business’ future for you, your partners and your employees.


Safeguard your commercial real estate investment


Pay for repairs due to an accident


Shield you from damages in a lawsuit


Pay for losses due to theft or accident


Protect you from natural disasters


Peace of mind for you and your partners

We’ll Shop For the Best Business Property Coverage and Rates in Fayetteville

Armstrong Hailey is an independent insurance agency serving Fayetteville and all of Northwest Arkansas. This means we can shop around to find you the best possible rates, coverage and insurance plans for your unique needs. Call one of our independent agents today and we’ll work to potentially save hundreds of dollars on your business property insurance premiums with a phone simply call, email or a visit to our Northwest Arkansas office.

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